Ticket Booth
The booth where visitors buy their tickets is located at the main entrance.
Big Top
Where the two main events are held.
Bubble-pop teapot
Giant teapot ride.
Where the ever-present music comes from.
What you'd expect, except there are no horses to be found here.
Dragonfly Rides
The description is in the name. They are big, so you don't need to shrink.
Feasting Orchard
The best food court ever.
Gondola Swans
Ride a wooden swan down the river.
Hall of Illusions
Mysteries are abundant at the Hall of Illusions.
Lost property
Something missing? Maybe it turned up here.
Mystery Mine
Breakneck cart ride.
Pixie Kingdom
The best attraction the carnival has to offer according to the pixie that runs it.
Silversong lake
See the mermaid and hear her song.
Small Stalls
Myriad options for every taste.
Snail Racing
Not as slow as you might assume.