the intrepid adventurers

The Finders of Lost Things

Khamma Aphid

Fairy "Chameleon"

Khamma works for the carnival and is quite useful even if attendees don't know it. She wild shapes into a number of animals the carnival needs when the actual animals are sick or just unavailable. Her name is Khamma Aphid but her position is unofficially known as "The Chameleon" so folks will usually just call her by her title, or just Kham.

Celia Vesna

Eladrin Genie Warlock

Celia joined the Witchlight Carnival ten years back after an unfortunate bargain with a "witch" there left her tied to a dao. Now she serves as a handyperson for the carnival, fixing the unending list of things that find themselves broken. She has a few friends, but her constant companion is a blink dog named Henry.

Kimber Redflagon

Bard from Drover's Dell

Having showed proficiency with music at a young age, Kimber trained with Yutu, a group of famous minstrels. She took to the lessons and excelled, but stopped after realizing the training was draining her family's finances. Kimber settled for a life on the farm, helping her family and making some money on the side to keep them afloat.

Rainon Moss, Esq.

Wanderlusty Tabaxi Rogue

Rainon is a traveller who has a knack for getting into places. One of those "explorations" led to an unplanned trip to the feywild, where he spent 15 years of which are now lost to foggy memories of that time. Haven woken back on his home plane, a little grayer and a little wiser, he sought out the Witchlight Carnival, knowing of its close ties to the feywild. Maybe there are some answers there?

Willow Nah'Mstra

Centaur Ranger

Willow is a bit of a mystery, keeping themselves shrouded behind a cloak, obscuring their features.  Likewise, they keep personal details hidden. Whether it is out of a deep sense of privacy or not to burden anyone with dark secrets is left up to those who meet Willow to decide.

Other notable characters

some good, some bad, some in between.

Mister Witch

Carnival Co-owner

Mister Witch runs the Witchlight Carnival along with his parter, Mister Light. Mister Witch runs the day-to-day operations, continually checking his pocket watch to assure everything runs smoothly and on time. Aside from the watch, Mister Witch is rarely seen without his top hat and cane.

Mister Light

Carnival Co-owner

Mister Light runs the Witchlight Carnival along with his parter, Mister Witch. Mister Light serves as master of ceremonies for the main event under the bigtop and is responsible for the performers and artists. Mister Light has a scepter festooned with a decorative butterfly everywhere he goes.

Dwesil Roofwarren

Mayor of Ringbottom

Mayor Dwesil Roofwarren is every bit the politician. Definitely in the pocket of the mining companies, he comes across as a used horse salesman when pitching ideas to the council. Ideas that always favor those same mining companies.

Abigail Houge

Proprietor of the Meandering Mule

Abigail is considered to be the town mother. Townsfolk mostly come to her to settle disputes and no one questions her authority. She is matronly, but stern. You do not want to end up on Abigail's bad side.


Witchlight Hand - Runs Hall
of Illusions

Candlefoot is the reluctant ticket-puncher at the Hall of Illusions, and he does all he can to avoid entering the hall. All the color has leached out of his skin, hair, eyes, and apparel, giving him a strangely monochromatic look. And his problems don’t end there. On the very night he planned to propose to Palasha the mermaid, he lost his voice. A mystery yet to be unravelled.


Displacer Beast - Manages
Lost Property

Dirlagraun looks after stray children until they can be reunited with their parents. The keg fastened to its collar is filled with toffee apple juice and fitted with a spigot for easy pouring. The juice never fails to console an upset child.