Damaged Balloon

This balloon was damaged in the fire in the balloon factory that was sabotaged. It has recently been repaired and the party got a chance to test it out.

Burnt-out Balloon Factory

The balloon factory operated by Duke Ickrind was recently sabotaged during the rescue of Sir Talaver. The party befriended the Duke and helped clean up the factory.

Bridge of Chattering Heads

Former monarchs have their head on pikes next to this bridge. This is where Clapperclaw sits, lamenting the loss of his head and talking with the very opinionated heads.

Royal Gazebo

King Gullop XIX spends much of his time here, granting an audience to his subjects and issuing orders. He is accompanied by courtiers and knights.

Sinking Palace

The royal palace, currently occupied by King Gullop XIX and his servants. The party came here to get outfitted as Bullywugs in order to meet with Bavlorna.

Trinket, Bauble, & Charm's

A merchant stall at the base of a storm balloon. The darklings here drive hard bargains with unusual costs.

Watch Tower

The party met Mundlemud, the Croaking Sage who claims to have a lot of information about the happenings in Downfall and Hither. He also dreams to fly one day.

Bavlorna's Cauldron

After some effort and a favorable interchange with a Magmin, they were able to open the cauldron. The bubbling liquid inside has some kind of transmutive properties, but so far, they don't know what it actually does.

Big Barkless

This tree is awake and ready to rumble. It seems to key off of whatever creatures live within it's trunk.

Bullywug Huts

Several huts are situated in the south of Downfall. One of these housed Illig, the Baron of Muckstump and his band of rebels. The latter ended up killing one another due to paranoia induced by the party which escalated quickly.

Bavlorna's Cottage

In the middle of the lake, surrounded by Downfall, is Bavlorna's Cottage. Clotheslines stretch from several buildings around Downfall and are attached to the cottage.