No one knows how Mr. Smith ended up on the Zephyr. Everyone assumes someone else brought him on board and he’s so likable that no one questions it.

Tara is the youngest member of the crew, brought on by Reeva at the start of this job because they needed an additional technician. She has served on local shuttles before, but this is her first time on a job this far out into the Frontier.

Reeva brought Raphel along with her when she joined the crew of the Zephyr. She did the same on the previous ship she served on. She trusts Raphel implicitly and he often makes executive decisions without needing her say.

Mikkel has been a navigator for 20+ years, serving most of that time on ICSC vessels. He grew tired of the rigidity of those crews and the redundancy of the work he was doing. Anderson hired him on after the first navigation officer for the Zephyr didn’t work out.

Every crew needs a science officer and Miriam comes with the blessing of Weyland-Yutani. She has served on the Zephyr since Anderson took ownership of the ship.

Mae is third in line of the command structure, but her background is in the science division for Weyland-Yutani. She often assists Miriam in an unofficial capacity. She joined the crew of the Zephyr on the job prior to this current one.

Second in command and liked and trusted by all the crew. McConroy often steps in when things get heated between Anderson and Paloma. McConroy served in the military branch of the Three World Empire before being honorably discharged. He missed life amongst the stars, so he fell in withAnderson shortly after the Zephyr was purchased.

If the crew were to be divided into above decks and belowdecks, then Reeva holds dominion over the latter. She and Captain Davis often make decisions together, especially regarding ship operation, but even when it comes to job selection.

Former captain for Weyland-Yutani before turning independent, Anderson primarily takes jobs from his former employer, but now he operates his own ship. Now he has to pay off the massive loan he took out to purchase the Zephyr and pay the crew. That means taking jobs with a bit more risk involved.

Crew of the Zephyr